SUN – SURYA (March 2008)

Sun is like a guru for us. We learn various lessons from it.

  1. SELF-DISCIPLINE, ANUSHASAN, PUNCTUALITY: – Sun rises regularly & punctually from the direction of east and sets in the direction of west on regular basis.

We should regulate & punctuate our daily life. Self-discipline is the key to successful life.

  1. LIGHT, JYOTI, PRAKASH: – Symbol of knowledge. It is dark before sunrise. As soon as Sun shines, all is bright & beautiful. One can find one’s goal / path. Light symbolizes knowledge “GYAN”. Knowledge is power. Darkness is ignorance. It is root of all grief, problems & failures. Rays of Sun are urging us   “TAMSO MAA JYOTIR GAMYA”.

Be knowledgeable, if you want to walk a path of success, it will lead you to contentment & happiness. Acquire knowledge in worldly & spiritual fields. Academic knowledge will get you material success & spirituality will show you the right path to get it.

  1. HEAT: Rays of Sun create speed, energy and motion. Whole atmosphere warms up with the heat of rising Sun’s rays. Heat gives energy to all and growth takes place in humans, animals & vegetation. Solar heat is being captured and put to use in many ways.

It is important to be creative, and energetic to progress in life.

  1. PURITY, FILTERATION: Rays of  Sun filter the water of an ocean. They leave salt behind and take pure clean water from it. The rays also leave mud behind and water is evaporated up to the sky and forms into rainy clouds and showers us with pure clean water in the form of rain. We will come in contact with good & bad people in our daily life. Sun says, “ Pick up good & leave evil behind”. Ignore the bad traits & embrace the good qualities.

  1. OTHER MINDEDNESS:Be good to others. “SARVAY BHAWANTU SUKHINAH”. May all be happy? Our actions should be good for others. Sun shines for our benefit. The heat gives us energy & keeps us healthy, it helps vegetation to grow, melts snow on top of mountains to provide us water.

  1. FAIR & FREE FOR ALL: – Heat & Light of Sun is available to all. We too should perform physically (tan), mentally (man), financially (dhyaan) selfless service/seva to all, whenever & wherever possible. Sun shines for everybody, rich/poor & does not discriminate against caste, creed or religion. It does not favor anybody, but provide /gives what it has to give generously.

Be generous& impartial to the world around you. We should always think, wish & do well for others.

Translation of an article written by Virendra Kapoor

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