EARTH (February 2008)

Earth, our home planet is a beautiful blue & white ball when seen from space. It is the only planet known to support life and to have water in liquid form. 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water. Earth is often being personified as deity, in particular a goddess. In Hindu culture, it is called Bhoomi Devi. There are various things we can learn from mother Earth.

· Earth is the giver of food, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It is a symbol of fertility. It feeds all the living beings & provides us with the things we need to survive.
· Earth represents cooperation. It works in cooperation with the sun, moon, water etc that is the key to survival of living beings.
· Every season we get new crop from the earth. It keeps giving us continuously & endlessly.
· We sow one seed, She gives back many fruits. This represents the generosity of Mother Earth. We all can learn something from that.
· Earth provides us with natural resources that we should use wisely & conserve for our future generations to come.
· In Hindu Culture, People do bhoomi poojan before they lay the foundation for their house. Farmers pray to Earth before sowing their seeds and wish for a good harvest.

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