Seeking, feeling, and staying positive amid Corona Outbreak (March, 2020)

Namaste Dear Hawan Group Members and My Dear Kids,   I would not start my message by saying “How are you?”. Everyone is home, adults are working while kids are attending school remotely. There is almost no contact (i.e., in person contact) with anyone outside. Kids cannot meet their friends and adults cannot meet their colleagues. Irrespective of one’s age

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घर का भेदी लंका ढाये – An insider can cause unimaginable damage (February 2020)

“I will tell you a secret, but promise me you will not share it with anyone, no matter what!” “Yes, I promise.” “Sure?” “Yes, absolutely! You know me very well – I am your BFF!” “Ok, ok!”   You will be excused if you think that the above dialog is from a movie scene of a high-school drama or a

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“बूँद बूँद से घड़ा भरता है” – Drop-by-drop Fills A Pitcher (January 2020)

Namaste Hawan Kids,   After spending the last year learning a number of key mantras of Agnihotra Yagna, our theme for 2020 is हिंदी मुहावरों में छिपा ज्ञान (Hidden Knowledge in Hindi Idioms). While there are thousands of Hindi idioms, we will pick only one each month as the assignment topic and, then, go in its details, understanding its obvious

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