Stay Wary of Ego – अहंकार से बचें (March, 2018)

Everyone wants to rise in life and achieve something of value. And when a worthy goal is achieved, often others also make note of it and start to shower praises and commendations. Consequently, apart from enjoying the happiness inherent in the achievement of the original goal, one also starts to enjoy the praises. Even though relishing in the compliments seems

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Recognize and Deal with Improper Pressures (February, 2018)

Majority of people consider themselves to be knowledgeable enough to know the difference between right and wrong. To a certain extent that’s not incorrect either, for the righteous things have been told so many times that we can complete the sentences if someone starts to talk about them. The problem, however, is the intuitive misconceptions such literal knowledge give to

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Identify and shun flatterers and flattery – चाटुकारों और चाटुकारिता से बचें (January, 2018)

One day a fox notices a crow sitting on a tree branch with a big, juicy piece of cheese in his beak. The fox hatched a clever plan to gain access to the cheese. Standing under the tree, the fox tells the crow how beautiful the crow is and how glossy her feathers are. Noticing the crow is showing lots

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