Sanyam – संयम (April 2016)

One of most versatile words in the Indian scriptures is Sanyam (संयम). It has several meanings that fit in myriad of contexts: self-control, restraints, forbearance, abstinence, moderation, sobriety, temperance, chastity and so on. While all of these meanings have deep significance, for this month’s assignment, we will focus on Self-Control.  We will explore the meaning of Sanyam (self-control), benefits of

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Do No Evil – बुरा मत करो (March 2016)

Last in the series of articles we are covering this year is Speak No Evil. We’ll extend that to Do No Evil where “do” means action (कर्म). When we hear the term action (कर्म), generally we think of physical activities only. Because we seldom carry out physical activity with wicked intentions, we may conclude that this month’s lesson doesn’t really

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Hear no Evil’ – बुरा ना सुनो (February 2016)

Continuing on the theme we started last month, ‘Hear no Evil’ (बुरा ना सुनो) is the topic of this month. “What is hearing?” “How do we hear?” “What is evil?” “Is evil some other person who is always contriving to do others harm?” “Is it someone or something up close and personal?” these are some of the questions kids will

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